(Make-up artist) Discover NabisMaquillage of Florence Nabi.


Florence uses cosmetics such as lipstick or powder to apply to a face or any other body part in order to enhance or alter its appearance.

Cameroonian make-up artist, Florence Nabi, is one of the most promising make-up artist in Cameroon at the moment.

Her simplicity and hard work has driven her to greater heights.

The CEO of NabisMaquillage, has worked with lots of people; Askia and big Cameroonian movie producers included.

The name NabisMaquillage is gotten from her last name Nabi + make-up in French.

The name of her makeover is as unique as her works. The lass, who just learned make-up of recent, surprising all those who thought she couldn’t, is able to do beauty make-up likewise special effects.

In an exclusive interview on Canal 2 Englsih with Massi, she revealed that her best moments are that which she is on her tools. She can’t see her life without doing what she loves doing best.Florence shocked all when she suddenly declared her anxiety to be a make-up artist. The graduate did sciences and learned make-up for approximately a month. People thought she couldn’t make it but she proved everyone wrong. She said she has always loved it and will do it.

With this said, see photos below of some of her works.

Instagram: NabisMaquillage

FB: NabisMaquillage

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