“Chiiiiild please!”, Tilla calls Askia out and challenges her to release their collabo.


Cameroonian music sensation, Tilla, has called Askia out challenging her to release a music collabo they did.

Hip-hop & dancehall Cameroonian star Tilla, calls out Askia who has recently done a song with female rapper Mihney.

According to the Godmother, she is the person who brought out the whole idea of reuniting Cameroonian female rappers. She took to her Facebook page to say this. She didn’t end here. Tilla challenges Askia to release the collabo they did together stating that it’s one of the best collabos she has ever done.

Here is what she said below :

“Dear Askia, it’s really funny how you are now talking about “seeing the bigger picture” . Do you remember when I came to Buea 4years ago shortly after I left New Bell Music? I was trying to show you the bigger picture with the idea I had about a series based on female rappers. I played you “Sisterhood of Hip-hop” on my laptop several times to show you. In your post yesterday you said you called me a couple of times but I always want to fight? Chiiiild please! You call me offline and apologize then disrespect me online and even drop an infamous diss track? Nah! That’s one of the reasons I blocked your number and also every interaction on every social media platform. So please stop trying to make people believe we don’t interact because you don’t want “bad energy” or because “I love to fight”. I always give you another chance because being an empath, I can literally feel people’s pain and actually heal them but boo if I were to think about fighting you, you would’ve been very beat up not on facebook saying “I try to fight”. Lastly you said you won’t be in combat if it ain’t about music and lyrics. I challenge you to start by putting out the song we recorded together produced by Deecy if you are really blunt and peaceful and not a drama queen as you say. It’s all music and lyrics boo. Ps. That song is one of the dopest collabos I ever did.
Signed: The one you love to hate.”

Seems the feud between these two is everlasting.

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