Wan Shey expresses his frustration towards the Kamerfest.

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Rapper, Wan Shey, via his new song , The Howler(Kamerfest) discloses how he felt when Kamerfest disappointed him.
With talent, hardwork and discipline there is a way, says the rapper who has been putting  in a lot of work.

According to him, he was homeless  at the time but had  to put his pride aside to hustle cash to make an express password. It was a dream come true for a ‘village boy’ to walk the streets of ‘USA’.
He was homeless,  crippled, depressed when they refused to give them a Visa. After all he had gone through for this event just for the whole world to turn around and become a nightmare in a twinkle of an eye. The artist hoped someone  could just shout out loud that it’s  April fool.
What made his temperature to rise the more  is the fact that Ddip who happens to be the lady who organized the Kamerfest never replied to his messages from then.
The guy is a bundle of talent.

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