Possible problems hindering the success of Cameroonian showbiz.


We want to affirm the Fact that, in the past years, Cameroon has risen as one of Africa’s most active country as far as showbiz is concern. With the production of great memorial Day musics, international tours, nomination in both home and foreign awards and with the likes of Great producers, directors, artists, just to name the few. We can not refute that Cameroon is a great African country when it comes to Entertainment. Whatever be the case case, there are still some few things to look into which if probably well handled, its industry will grow enormously. Afriblinksblog presents to you all some of the most challenging issues for the growth of the 237 Showbiz
1: The Government

The Cameroon government for the past years, have paid little or no attention to the entertainment industry. An issue which most Cameroonian artists have been crying for.How will life be when your father don’t support you?The state of Cameroon has completely been a failure in 237 Showbiz. If the state supports these talents, Showbiz in Cameroon will be alarming in no time.

2: The people

The people here are referred to Cameroonians. Cameroonians don’t believe in their own, they don’t consume their home made. Little or no support from them. Cameroonians still don’t believe in the talent of their home artists. They don’t support or promote them.

3: Lack of Marketing

Marketing has been an important idea in showbiz world wide. Business Companies in Cameroon have not provided those marketing platforms that can promote their Cameroonian artists. It’s only In Cameroon that you will pick up a book and see the face Of a foreign artist on it rather than a Cameroonian.An organization will organise a Concert for a foreign artist for millions. Market your home products and give chances to talent.

4: Online platforms to get Cameroonian Arts

This has been a major problem in the industry. A heavy powerful online platforms to get Cameroonian arts is still to come up. Most Cameroonians complain of the fact that, they find it difficult to get Cameroonian arts. A heavy online platform, will contribute greatly to the growth of the industry

5: Our Radios,Tv and Newspapers

Cameroonian Radio and TV Stations have also been a barrier to the growth of 237 showbiz. Most TV and Radio stations don’t broadcast their own likewise provide programs that deliberate on 237 Showbiz. Not to talk more of showcasing them.

6: Cameroonian Artists themselves .

Most Cameroonian artists don’t have a unique style of their own.They copy from other countries. Despite their unique music genres like Makossa, bitkussi, Mboko rap, just to name a few, Cameroonian artists still portray and promote foreign cultures. This has been a big problem in the industry.

7: Lack of Finances & sponsorship

We have seen many Young talented Cameroonians giving up because of the lack of Sponsors. Sponsorship Which is something that Cameroonians don’t offer to their artists. An artist will move from place to place asking for a sponsor but end up having a waterloo with all the billions we have in the country.

8: Pride

As we know, pride kills. We have seen Cameroonian artists who could actually pick up younger ones and lift them up but because of pride, they won’t do it. Pride kills and the earlier it’s killed, the better for the industry.

These are some major barriers to 237 Carriers . If solved, 237 will make it with the speed of light.

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