African Artists that have Made Cameroon their second home

  1. Meiway
    Frederic Desire Ehui , best known as Meiway (born 17 March 1962 in Grand Bassam), is a singer from the Ivory Coast.[1] He is most notable for pioneering the Zoblazo style.[1] His hits include “200% Zoblazo”, “Godeba”, “Appolo 95”, “Miss Lolo”, and “DJ Tassouman.He spend my most of his time in Cameroon, His love for Cameroon can not be defined. He even sang a song dedicating it the Bamilekes. He even started singing Bitkussi. His love for Cameroon made him to collabor with Majoe Ayi.
    2 Arafat
    May His soul rest in peace. The late Ivorian musician made Cameroon his second home. Whenever he wants to have leisure, he comes over to Cameroon.he sang a songs dedicating it Eto’o and Cameroonians respectively. He has visited all the big cities in Cameroon. The love that he had For Cameroon made people think he was a Cameroonian. DJ Arafat was so exceptional when it comes to any Cameroon affairs. Cameroonians will definitely miss him and his nice couple Decales songs.
    3 Fanicko
    The Benin boy is one of those Africa artist that you might think he is Cameroonian. Many Cameroonians thinks that he is a Cameroonian, but that’s not the case. It just the love that he have for Cameroon. His musics plays in every part of Cameroon. His way of singing, is just like that of A Cameroonian. His bilingualism,his collabors with Daphne, Ko’c, Mr Leo and Minks are just some expects to show his love for Cameroon. He spent most of his time in Yaounde and Douala.
    4 Fally ipupa
    This seems unlikely yet this rumor persists in the bus and bar discussions. It is said that Fally Ipupa has just naturalized Cameroonians. It’s obvious you can’t have rumours like this if that person in love with Cameroon. Fally ipupa,he is that Artist that plays a lot in Cameroon. He is presently in Cameroon.. Cameroonians are just waiting to see him sign his nationaty as a Cameroonian.He lives in Douala. He loves Cameroon. And Cameroonians do same. Most of his Concerts are done in Cameroon. He will surely be an expert in Cooking Cameroonian dishes.
    5 DJ Kenny
    Born Grace-Styvens Koussimbissa-Mbala in 1991 in Pointe-Noire in 1991, DJ Kenny is a musician , beatmaker and DJ from Congo. He Became orphan, he is adopted and lives in France since 2004. In 2006, he discovered a passion for music and became a student at the Conservatory of Villeurbanne to study computer-aided music .His friendliness with Cameroonian might make you think he is one, The Congolese likes Cameroon. He is currently working with a collabor with Mr Leo,Stanley Enow after he had one With Maalox, Minks .


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