Ko’c is the author of his rap, Sarkodie is a role model.


For the  past years, fans have been laying emphasis on the fact that Ko-c copied Sarkodie way of rapping. How factual is that? It’s just because Sarkodie is a more established Artist in the continent than ko’c?? .These two artists barely knows each other but I’m sure they have come across each other arts .And they’re friends on social media, I’m still waiting to see a post from Sarkodie saying ko’c copied his ways of rapping. It’s true that Ko’c has confirmed the fact that Sarkodie is or was his role model but that doesn’t mean he raps like Sarkodie. These guys are different. Ko’c may have used Sarkodie as a role model maybe for the fact that they do the same rap or for the fact that Sarkodie has been in the rap field for long etc. Before I give you reasons why Ko’c doesn’t imitate or copy from Sarkodie, I will want you to know that most fast rappers in Africa,and the world at large are likely to have the same tune when rapping a good example is Bustam Rythmes, Eminem, Boy Tag and even Sarkodie and Ko’c themselves. When you see these rappers rapping, their tune may sound the same but different ideas. I carried out an experience that I will want you to know. Yesterday, I called my friends and we were all in the same room, I played an audio of Ko’c freestyle of Olamide ‘Wo’ I was shocked the all knew that it was Ko’c it wasn’t like they have come across the track. Because they were like, Ko-c has done collabor with Olamide, and I told them no, it was just a freestyle that ko’c did. As if that was not enough, I played another KO’C track in which he used Sarkodie beat Biibiba, they were able to tell me that it was Ko’c and I played Sarkodie own they still proved me. I came to conclude these two rappers have nothing in Common except for the fact that they are two fast rappers in the continent. Now let me prove to you why Ko’c is the originator of his rap style not from Sarkodie.

1. Ideas:

When you look at Ko’c ideas in his songs, you will never find the same ideas with that of Sarkodie. Their ideas are always world apart. Now,if Ko’c was imitating Sarkodie, it’s obvious that they will have the same or similar ideas in their songs but that is not the case.
2. Language:

Ko’c  raps/sings in French, English and pidgin while Sarkodie raps in pidgin, English and his native language called Twi.language too Matters here. We all know that Sarkodie flows very well in his native language while Ko’c flows superbly in English, French and pidgin. If Ko’c was imitating Sarkodie, he would have been flowing too in his native language..
3. Speed.

I think this was supposed to be the idea here of who rap faster than the  other not who is imitating Who, it will surprised many that Ko’c raps faster than Sarkodie but that’s the truth. Sarkodie is always standing first like fastest Africa rapper not because he actually raps faster than Ko’c but because of his Establishment .Sarkodie has far recognition than Ko’c, his awards, nomination etc plays a role but if we keep aside that, and just focus on speed,Ko’c will bit Sarkodie .This means that Ko’c couldn’t be comparing or imitating someone he knows he is more than.
4. Music genre:

Sarkodie does mostly trap and hip hop ,hiplife while Ko-c does mostly Afropop and hip hop.these are different genres of music and the play a very important role in justifying the fact that Ko’c is an independent artist of his talent .its impossible for you to imitate someone who does couple Decales and you do bitkussi with it. Meaning that Ko’c has nothing to with Sarkodie ways of raps.
5.Sarkodie Silence.
Sarkodie silence has proven that Ko’c didn’t copy from him or imitate him. We all know how artists are when they see someone imitating them especially positively.They  will spread the information as if they are running out senses. But that hasn’t been the case with Sarkodie. Or you want to tell me Sarkodie does not know Ko’c or that he hasn’t heard about Ko’c ?? there I will tell you that you are lying. These two artists knows each other very well. So if Sarkodie is silent it means he recognises Ko’c as an Independent rapper.
What more?, we just have to look at these two artists differently but before we go, Ko’c and Sarkodie, who raps faster?? Justification are accepted.


  1. Sarkodie is a legend,but ko’c is and up comx arties wth plnty of talent in him tho their wrap look alike ko’c isn’t stealing from sarkodie


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