Two National Polytechnic Bamenda football strikers death.


National Polytechnic Bamenda loss two of their football players.

Late Monthe Louis and Chi Collins who were strikers for the National Polytechnic Bamenda football team kicked the bucket due to an unfortunate scene. These two were reportedly drowned.

Their liveless bodies were found in Widikum (Momo division, North West region of Cameroon).

According to reports, Collins & Louis drowned in a river in which they plunged to escape from separatists captivity. They had been in captivity with the separatist for some moments and once they were chanced to escape, they tried to do so.

Four of them were kidnapped by the separatists as reports stated. Two swam away successfully while their unfortunate mates, Monthe Louis and Chi Collins died in the course of swimming.

They were heading back to Bamenda from Mamfe in the South West region where they participated in an Inter-quarter football match.

Source; Elite Football Club

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