Young talented Cameroonian artists that gave up for the ghost


For the past years , Cameroon have witnessed the dead of some young talented artists that had it been they were alive , the music industry of Cameroon would take a great and impacting dimension , we say this because they were talented and they gave birth to rise of Cameroon’s urban music .if crying could resurrect the deaths, then most Cameroonian artists who gave up the ghost would have resurrected .We want to use this opportunity to continue waving farewell to them, may their souls continue to rest in peace and to their fans and family , our hearts felt condolences. Their dead have kept a big vacuum in the industry that can’t be filled up. Dead is a shocking thing that has kept everyone wondering due to the way it come. These are the top 5 Cameroonian artists who died at very young age and whose death was shocking
1 Gee Reign
Just like his name ,his musical legacy lives and reign forever . He was said to collapsed in the studio which he gave up the ghost. he die in October 2016 .it was reported that the singer suffered from a brief illness . He was a young Cameroon artist who would have contributed greatly to the industry if he was alive
2 Avenir Ava
This with his soft voice, educational texts and soothing melodies was seen as a transformer whom had all it takes Cameroon music in another level . he died on the 18 of November 2018 after a violent assault a motor cycle assailants shot him twice.his dead was shocking .
3 Achaley
He was the first winner of Cameroon talent competition ‘star de demain’. He died of liver cancer his dead took many Cameroonians in surprise .he died in September 2016. A month before his a death , he released his last album ‘ebolo’ which was heating waves on trace Africa and other Cameroonian channels. He was a revelation in the Cameroonian music industry.
4 Clarisse Valerie Wopso
The Cameroonian bitkussi singer was found dead in a psychiatric hospital in France. her music won many Cameroonians hearts. She was seen as a role model in most rising Cameroonian artists
5 Cameey
A Cameroonian based Nigerian artist. He was a rapper who has started gaining ground with his music. He died of liver cancer. after using the social media to ask for financial help.

Cameroon may have lost them but their arts, ideas and songs lives forever. We love 237. Comment and share.



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