Court Case Against Joan Ngomba by Syndy Emade Dismissed.


Washington DC, USA – August 25, 2019 – We are happy to announce that the case
brought against our CEO and Editor-in-Chief Joan Ngomba by a Cameroonian filmmaker
last year has been dismissed by the courts for lack of evidence.

Joan was wrongfully arrested in July 2018 and briefly detained on charges of plagiarism
and piracy of a movie that premiered in 2017. These charges were false and those who
knew the facts stated as much back then. Unfortunately, due to the nature of
Cameroon’s judicial system, this case dragged on for over a year. However, upon
submission of a withdrawal letter by the plaintiff’s lawyers to the Judge a few weeks ago,
the case was dismissed and Joan has been cleared of any wrongdoing.
For over 11-years, Joan Ngomba has had an unblemished media career in Cameroon
and Nigeria, and we are glad that this matter has been put to bed and her reputation restored.
On behalf of Joan and the entire DcodedTV team, we want to thank all of those in
Cameroon and diaspora who intervened on her behalf and maintained their support
during this period. We owe you a debt of gratitude for having her back. She is currently
shooting season two of the DcodedTV Show following the end of the maiden season
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