Cameroonian artists that have failed to come up with a ‘collabor’ among themselves.


For years now , the Cameroon music industry have been booming with good music, gd artistic gesture from the artists, Beat makers, video directors etc. The artists have Continued to feed it’s audiences, fans with good hits . That not withstanding, there’s still more to be done if not, from some peculiar artists which the entire Cameroonian nation, Africa and the world at large will admire if it comes true. Collabors as we all know, have a very important role to play in the entertainment industry. Most artists In Cameroon will surely confirmed and affirmed the role collaboration with other artists have done to them, their fans too are always considered when an artists want to do a collabor and the nation and the world too. Collabors has always made many artists to win more fans, win fame etc. But for recent years, they have been some outstanding Cameroonian artists that have failed to come up with a collabor for themselves. This has made the public to be alerted and asking questions why it’s been so difficult for them to come together and cook up a hit that will give a smile on their fans faces. Here, are a list of Some Cameroonian artists which we were expecting that by now, they should have come together for a collaboration but to no avail.
1 Stanley Enow and Jovi
These two are considered as the gods for the music industry.this is so because it was only after their hits “hein pere” and ” Don 4 kwat” that the Cameroon music industry became booming. They have also been consider the best rappers so far in the industry. A collabor between this two will definitely be a hit of all Time.their Fans can’t wait to see them come up with One.
2 Blanch Bailly and Daphne
Am sure it will not surprised us if we say that they have been so outstanding in the music industry?? Consider the most cutest, vocal and talented Cameroonian female artists. They have been doing well In recent time. A hit between them will be a talk of the century. A video when viral on blogs showing that they were up for a collabor, it’s been years now but we haven’t seen that realised. What could be a problem between them?? And they are really good friends or maybe they are planning to give us one when they are old, whatever be the case, we just hope they know their fans are impatient??
3 Ko’c and Boy Tag.
Considered as fastest rappers in Cameroon. Two Talented individuals with outstanding talent which if they come together, it will be super historical. These two artists have a brighter future in the days ahead of them but coming together to do a collabor will make their future brighten .
4 Tilla and Askia
They are good we all know the. They are said to be the best Cameroonian female rappers so far in the game. But the game hasn’t been artistic with an absent of a smash hit between them. Rumours came out that they have recorded a hit in a studio but, we are still to see it. Askia in his” bag episode ” completely left out Tilla bad news for us. But whatever be the case, we are still expecting.
5 Petit Pay and Longue Longue.
They are two Makossa icons. They have done a lot collabors with upcoming artists but have failed to come together we don’t know why but by now they should have one.
OK their readers, we now open up to you, what do you think about this?? Who is lagging?? Please don’t forget to comment and share.


  1. Really that’s something most of these artists lack. I don’t if it’s because everyone is trying to be at the top or it’s hatred amongst them.
    let them try that i think things will work best for them. Especially for Jovi i don’t know why it’s hard to fine him with other artists out of new bell


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