Salatiel travels to South Africa despite Xenophobic threats.


Just like’ Anita’ on his track ‘Anita’ who stubbornly travel from the village to the cite to the dislike of Salatiel, the alpha better boss Salatiel has traveled to South Africa despite dislikes from his fans. His traveling comes as a result of his album tour launching in South Africa. He arrived this morning. Many of his fans have criticized his travelling there. His traveling is coming at moment where South Africa Is currently under high insecurity with their Xenophobic attacks against ‘ Foreigners’ in the Country .Despite such threats, Salatiel have moved into the country of Xenophobia dominance. And he will have a long weekend there. His fans have expressed worries and hope to see him back home safe. This will be his first international trip this year since he featured on Beyonce’s album.
He’ll also be performing at the Booth Night club hosted by Paddy Powers.

Some reactions from his Fans.

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