Xenophobia :A DJ allegedly well beaten After playing A South African song in Zambia


The Xenophobic attack that puffed out few days in the likes of South Africans attacking foreigners have received so many Condemnation and raise enmity amongst Africans. Nigerians who suffered from the south Africans reiterated by burning down south Africans shops in the country and giving them approximately 7 days to leave Nigeria ,Zambia didn’t take it easy With south Africans too, they burnt down shops that were owned by south Africans in Zambia . As if that was not enough, they were asked never to play any South African song again in Zambia. Dj Hero failed to obey the decisions that finally left him with no choice other than beatings .
DJ Hero is  a popular Zambian Disc Jockey, he was given the beating of his life after going against orders that no one should play South African music in the country.
The directive was given following the xenophobic attack on Africans living in South Africa.
DJ Hero was playing at a club when he unconsciously slotted in a South African song and the patrons of the club immediately pounced on him. Some African Countries are not talk it easy with South Africa, divisions have been become the order of the day. We pray for Africa


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