Samuel Eto’o, the next president of Cameroon – Prophet Kingsley reveals.


Cameroonian prophet, Kingsley, has disclosed his vision in which God revealed to him that Eto’o will be the next President of Cameroon.

Cameroonian prophet identified as Prophet-Ao Kingsley reveals that Cameronian football star, Samuel Eto’o fils will be the next president of Cameroon according to what he saw in his vision.

Reports state that Eto’o recently retired as a footballer then this pops-up.

The prophet took to his Facebook profile to write:

Good morning CAMEROON!!!!!
08 /09/ 2019
I had a vision from the LORD and I saw Samuel Eto’o as the next president of the republic of Cameroon,the president of CAF and vice president of FIFA.
I am the prophet for his next level.

SAMUEL ETO’O is the next big thing in Africa & the world.
To all his fans don’t ignore this
When God speaks the wise listen.

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