The rise of Cardi B, the resignation of Nicki Minaj – facts behind Nicki’s Resignation.


Nicki is considered world most talented female rapper. for years now she has been doing what no female rapper has done, with her awards, nominations, albums, songs, and manner of rap.few days back , she took everyone by surprised when she took to her twitter account to announce her resignation in music to concerntrate on having a family. This was not good news to her fans , that not withstanding , she is barely a decade into music.There are more reasons behind her resignation than making a family. the reasons i say so is because when we want to put together the facts we have at hand, you will bear with me that nicki resignation is not based on making a family. Now, why do i say so, Nicki Minaj is 38 years old, women dont make family at 38 at 38 they enjoy their family, most women at 38 ,they are already in their husbands house .and just to say that in 2015 Nicki abandoned a guy she has been dating since 2000 for meek mill which she finally annouced the end of her relatuionship with him in 2017, again, Nicki has a 12 year old daughter. Kamiyah Onika Minaj is her name. so for the past years, with all these facts, Nicki minaj didnt want to make a family?? and she doesnt consider her 12 year old daughter a family?? . readers of AFRIBLINKSBLOG, these are some baisic information which when we look detail into, you will discover that NICKI resignation is not based on making a Family, and i want you all to take this as a prophecy , Nicki gave herself a break NOT RESIGNATION she will come back . keep those words in ur heads. Now let me prove to you why Nicki took a break for herself which she termed it resignation:

The rise of Cardi B:

she is one of the reason why Nicki claimed to resign. before Cardi B rised into rap, Rap in America and the world at large was completely controlled by Nicki. Cardi B and Nicki have been rivals for years now and recent statistics shows that Cardi RAPS more than Nicki .it has not been easy for Nicki to accept that fact. her resignation is a strategy , to rest her mind the recent Challenge.
She is fed up with online insults

it came a piont at which NICKI Was tired of always getting to explain herself . she has suffered from grossv accusation, rumours concerning relationship and her rap legacy so free from this stress retirement could only be thec only option . which i call a break
She wants to see reactions from the world. this is a good strategy to see if your fans are actually in love win you especially as people keep on insulting her on social media. So a resignation will make her see her true fans.


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