Kenah Marvin : A fashion designer you should know.


Kenah Marvin CEO Of Marvin Fashion was born and raised in Wum. We the love he has For Fashion, he went to Nigeria to Study Fashion designing where he graduated with an excellent certificate.

With the love of the motherland , he came back to Cameroon to continue with his Career. When he came home, he decided to Start up with His Career in His home town where he open up a fashion house employing about 30 youths to work Under him in 2012. That same year, he was voted best designer in Menchum, Youngest designer,as time went by, he decided to continue his Career in Bamenda, where he opened up another fashion house which he employed close to 20 young aspiring designers to work with him.

In 2017, he was voted fastest designer In the region. He has so many awards to his name. He has produced arts for national and international models, artists just to name the few. He has been so excellent and Exceptional. If you are looking for someone for your designs, Marvin Fashion should not be left out. Marvin is a model and video vixen at Shosa empire. His House will soon run in all the 10 regions of Cameroon. Some of his designs.


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