About us

Afriblinksblog started in 2017. It went operational on November 2017 though it was built before that month. Nothing is ever easy at the start so the CEO of Afriblinksblog Josy Blinks started it all alone. She, born on May 18th 1999 combined her Nick name “Blinks + Afri”. Afri for Africa meaning it blinks everything African and worldwide entertainment news. She continued to work alone till 2018 where she started teaching some people on how to blog and they are at a great level now: Elsa and Noela.July 2018, Afriblinksblog had another blogger Chi Gaston who’s very good. Afriblinksblog is just at it’s start but already performing extremely well. It hopes to be the best entertainment blog in Africa and why not the world? We count on you guys for the continual support you’ll give us and thanks for the one y’all have been giving. We are very grateful.